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内容摘要: Today, theindex opened slightly lower at , followed by a concussion upwards. The stocks of the two cities were mixed, and the sector was di...

Today, the index opened slightly lower at , followed by a concussion upwards. The stocks of the two cities were mixed, and the sector was divided. Aerospace Changfeng , West Instrument shares , Dongandongli other stocks daily limit, large aircraft, aerospace, military and civilian integration sector gainers.


According to media reports, Yang Zhigang, China National Commercial Aircraft Research Institute’s Chief Engineer Yang Zhigang, stated that the domestically-made large aircraft C919 is in Xi'an Zhuoliang flight test, and plans to obtain airworthiness around 2021 and deliver it to customers. The CR929 project is proceeding according to plan, and is expected to be held before and after 2025. fly.


Dongxing Securities stated that improving aircraft autonomous manufacturing technology and efficiency is the only way for China's development. At present, through the “warm-up” model of the ARJ21, the domestic supply chain of the C919 large aircraft has been increasingly perfected, and it is expected to be delivered and operated in 2021. The manufacturing levels of Xifei, Shenfei, Chengfei, Hongdu and other companies will increase rapidly. China’s aircraft manufacturing capability has experienced long-term growth. The "market for technology" has gradually grown. The focus is on domestically-produced large aircraft industry-related stocks.


China Merchants Securities Analyst Wang Chao believes that from the first quarterly disclosure of the situation, the listed companies of the Aviation Industry Group of the 12 major military groups have performed brilliantly, which proves that the aviation industry chain continues to maintain a high degree of prosperity. Other civil servants and other military companies have also improved their performance, confirming the improvement of the fundamentals of the industry. In terms of policy benefits, first, key reforms such as the equipment procurement system, military product prices, and taxation are expected to achieve breakthroughs during the year; secondly, military spending growth is faster than expected; and finally, the SASAC proposes to strengthen the evaluation of the central bank’s market value management and rely on the platform integration of listed companies. Quality assets. The gradual release of favorable policies is expected to further boost the market's attention to the military industry. We are firmly optimistic about the excess returns of the military industry in 2018.


In terms of investment strategy, Feng Fuzhang, chief analyst of the security industry at Anson Securities, pointed out that some companies with fundamental support and relatively low valuations are those companies with lower valuations in the sector compared to similar companies. That is, the military should be a general market this year. The fundamentals are improving, so 2018 will be better than 2016 and 2017 fundamentals, and 2019 will be better than this year.

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Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data , Galaxy Securities, as of the date: 2018-05-07





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